Sensorium Hall

Multifunctional concert and entertainment complex

About project

The concert hall is in the form of a round-shaped high-tech building with leaded light glazing facade and a translucent opening dome made in the form of a stylized clock face. The current time will be indicated by a light arrow flickering on the dome. The facade is decorated with a thematic graphic print with numbers and spirals of time. The atrium of the main entrance to the complex is also decorated in a “clock theme” by rotating art gears - visitors will pass through the current clock mechanism on the escalators of the author’s design. The facility will be nominated in the Guinness Book of Records as «The largest architectural clock in the world».

More about the project

Events and faces of the project

Sensorium Hall in the news story made by the «Moscow 24» channel about the Moscow City territory development

«The man who was applauded»
Alexey Gorobiy

New year performance of
Polina Gagarina
on the background of Sensorium Hall

A special project of Sergey Polunin
in the interiors of the Concert Hall

Unified Architectural
City Square Ensemble
and multifunctional
concert hall

Architectural concept

Presentation of the project to Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin

Scene Russia24
on the progress of the construction of the concert hall

Media about the project

Architectural concept

Business quarter Moscow-City

Property location

Promoter Alexey Gorobiy

Project experts

Multifunctional Transformer Hall

The architectural dominant of the complex

Kinetic art object in
the hall of escalators

Architectural concept

Climate control system

Object Engineering Systems

Panoramic view of the construction site

Visits of guests to the facility

Glazing radial facade

Construction progress

Making the clockwork art gear

Glazing of the northern facade

Construction progress

Special diploma
of the Union of Architects of Russia

Project Awards

Facade concept

Architectural concept

Translucent opening dome

Architectural concept

Installation of translucent openable dome structures

Construction progress

Glazing translucent dome

Dismantling a tower crane

Construction progress

General construction progress of the Multifunctional Concert Hall

Construction progress

Monolithic works

Construction progress

Concreting the first columns

Construction progress

Layout multifunctional transformer hall

Construction progress