About us

FUN GENERATION — is a management company in the field of integrated investment and construction engineering.

Company was organized in 2010 by a team of managers united by longstanding partnership and joint work in the preparation and implementation of landmark construction projects and operation of unique non-standard public facilities of a high degree of complexity in the field of Entertainment & Sport created according to the author's concepts on the instructions of investors in the framework of public-private partnership.

The company specializes in turnkey project management including:

  • Pre-project studies for the formation of ideas, concepts, key parameters, decision-making criteria and the choice of project implementation options
  • Formation of an expert group and project team
  • Coordination and administration of project support activities
  • Development of creative technological or architectural solutions, exclusive design with the participation of international companies and specialists
  • Search, adaptation and application of optimal technical solutions
  • Development and management of a complex project schedule and budget
  • Implementation of tender programs for the selection of suppliers and contractors
  • Design, construction, commissioning and operation management

Top project:

FUN GENERATION as an investor, technical customer, concept developer and management company implements the construction project and the commissioning of the Multifunctional Concert Hall in MIBC "Moscow-City" and participates in the project of creating and organizing the functional management of the new modern public space of the capital - City Square of MIBC "Moscow-City".


Vladimir Kedrinskiy
General Director

The structure of the Company is the specialized directorates under the management of experienced managers with competences in the field of management of complex projects. Each directorate organizes work on the established direction in cooperation with technology consultants, designers and contractors.

Andrey Bolotin
General Director
Vitaly Ananyev
Head of the
Technical Department
Igor Goldman
Director of
relations Department
Andrey Zinin
Head of the
Executive Department
Irina Kayzer
Chief Accountant
Regina Kuzmenko
Head of the
Commercial Department
Artem Migulev
Head of the Construction Department
Sasha Tityanko
Head of the
Art Department
Anatoliy Tolkunov
Chief Designer
Andrey Sharshun
Head of the
design management

FUN GENERATION with great regards and gratitude keeps the memory of colleagues who during the collaboration have become an integral part of the team. Experience, charisma, talent, perseverance and hard work inspired easy to do hard work, seek solutions, enjoy joint achievements. We are proud, remember and miss you, friends:

Alexey Gorobiy
Alex Maron
Head of the
design and construction